Benefits of the system

The main benefits of the automatic aerosol extinguishing system can be summarized in the following way:

» High or very high pressurized containers are not necessary.

» No pipelines, pipefittings, or special constructions are needed for the transport of the extinguishing agent.

» No need for the obligatory periodic retest of bottles, as none are required for the correct functioning of the system.

» No cooling agents in the compound, this guarantees the continuous and the reliable generation of the extinguishing aerosol.

» The installation of the dispensers is quick, cheap, and consists of the simple mounting of the dispensers on walls and ceilings with their collars/brackets.

» Connection lines between the dispensers and the command unit are constantly controlled for electricity cuts or accidental short circuits.

» Periodic maintenance is extremely simplified and cheap, a visual control of the apparatus is required per semester.

» The extinguishing agent is guaranteed for 15 years.