About us

Eurocontrolli was established in 1994, and is based in Milan, Italy.

Eurocontrolli has more than 22 years history in the Italian and International markets, engineering and supplying integrated telecom, security, safety and automation solutions.

In 2012, Eurocontrolli ME was established in Dubai as our ME main branch to serve our Middle East clients and gulf countries’ markets working jointly with Eurocontrolli- HQ to provide a complete technical and commercial solution on time.

Eurocontrolli is registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce since 1994 and produces 100% of its goods and services in its Head Quarters in Milan, Italy.

All ofEurocontrolli’s engineering services and activities are developed and executed in Italy by specialized Italian personnel.

Leader in design, installation and maintenance of integrated safety and multifunctional system, the company owes its excellence to the ability to entrust its methodological processes to the highest level of technology and the professionalism of its technicians.

In the after-sales phase, eurocontrolli makes available its own specialized team involved in assistance maintenance and professional consulting.

Eurocontrolli believes that its activity core business is customer satisfaction. In fact, it establishes an open and collaborative dialogue since the beginning of the project.