Some of the characteristics which positively influence the use of Micro-Sol devices are:

Compared to other powder based fire-extinguishing solutions, Micro-Sol acts like gas based agents and flows around obstacles and barriers. In fact, the solution can be transported through pipelines and other methods which would not be optimal for other powder based fire-extinguishing solutions.

Micro-Sol has excellent fire-extinguishing properties. It is four times more effective than Halon based agents and up to 10 times more efficient than othernon-Halon based solutions.

The activation of Micro-Sol devices is independent from the quantity of oxygen present in the area, and can be effective even within liquids or at heights where the concentration of oxygen is lower.

Micro-Sol does not need pipelines, pressurized bottles or valves. A container and a activation system is all that is required for Micro-Sol to operate. Pressure, weight, pressure and leak tests are no longer required nor is any other form of maintenance.

The limited weight based on the fire-extinguishing capacity of Micro-Sol guarantees advantages in extreme applications. Two 60L bottles of CO2 can be substituted with 5 kg of Micro-Sol. These exceptional performances make Micro-Sol based solutions ideal for installations in lorries, cars, boats, ships, engine compartments, warehouses, and many others. Where transportability, expandability, simplicity, space and price are key factors, Micro-Sol fire extinguishing systems are the ideal solution!